Han Solo Pop-Tart toy, courtesy of Falcontoys

If you grew up in the Eighties, there’s a good chance that two of your all-time favorite things are Han Solo and Pop-Tarts. Now, one company is combining the intergalactic space jockey and the tasty pastries, but with one caveat: Do not eat the carbonite.

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Falcontoys, based in Texas and billing itself as a “Sci-fi & Horror toy mash-up…bootleg toy collector” site, has released a “Frosted Han Solo” action figure that it refers to as “Pop-Art.” The toy looks like a yummy Pop-Tart pastry, but with the famous image of Han Solo trapped in carbonite crafted into the frosting. To top it all off, the Solo sweetness even has sprinkles on top.

“This resin toaster pastry closely resembles a POPular breakfast treat,” their website explains of the product. “But I assure it doesn’t taste like one.”

Like anything too-cool-to-be-true, here’s the bad news: It kinda isn’t. The “Pop-Tart” is indeed a toy, not for consumption, so wipe away that Jabba-like slobber hanging out of the corner of your mouth. Also, Falcontoys only made 15 of them — total — bringing new meaning to the phrase “limited edition.” And finally — insert sad trombone noise here — they are sold out.

Nevertheless, images of the toy are flooding social media, and the “Star Wars” universe is certainly not averse to bizarre food tie-ins. So, start saving your money, because someday in a galaxy not so far, far away…Han Solo might just yet become part of a balanced breakfast.

Han Solo Pop-Tarts, courtesy of falcontoys. part of a balanced breakfast.

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