It’s happened to the best of us: On Christmas morning, somebody hands you a big shiny box that gets you all excited, but then you unwrap it to find … something lame. Since most of us aren’t Oscar-caliber actors, it can be hard to hide that disappointment. But now, a video from a sketch comedy troupe is here to help you prepare for the holiday.

“How to React to Bad Christmas Gifts” is the title of the video from YouTube collective Genuine Jerks. In it, a group of funny guys open up ill-advised gifts and weasel their way out of admitting their disappointment.

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Check out the video and pick your own chosen method for Christmas morning. Among the favorites:

“Give it Away” — “This isn’t mine; this must be someone else’s,” tries one of the men. “Nope, it says Jacob,” replies another, looking at the name tag.

“The Who’s Next” — As demonstrated in the video, simply open up the box, flash a quick, fake smile and say “Who’s next?’

“Face to Box” — The key move here is using the box to obfuscate your expression. Hiding behind the newly-opened gift, it’s much easier to lie about how much you love it.

“Classic Freeze” — A very clever move, anyone can simply freeze their face. And when you do so, it is often interpreted as a sign of joy.

Other soon-to-be-classic moves include the “Hug it Out,” “Eddie Murphy It” and “The Strip,” which you should definitely not do if elderly relatives are present. Check out the video for other tips — and get ready for a happy Dec. 26 day of returns.

Posted by:Larry Carroll

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