Katherine Haik wins Miss Teen USA 2015

Miss Louisiana Katherine Haik is Miss Teen USA 2015.

The teen is an avid sports and music lover — playing softball, basketball and piano in her downtime. She wowed judges in the evening gown and swimwear competitions, but really stole the show with her interview answer. When asked which historic woman she’d like to see on the new $10 bill, Haik answered that she’d like to see Rosa Parks because she was a woman whose bravery Haik admires and she wishes her generation could stand up for things that are right the way Parks did during the Civil Rights Movement.

Haik also impressed judges and the audience when she was able to name every U.S. president in order with a cute little song.

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To accept the crown Haik had to beat out the fifty other pageant contestants, including finalists: Miss Massachusetts Sophie Baird, Miss Tennessee Hannah Green, Miss North Carolina Jane Axhoj and runner up Miss California Melanie Mitchell.

2014 Miss USA K. Lee Graham bestowed Haik her crown. Now, she’ll be whisked off to New York for a full-blitz media week and then spend a year traveling around the country as Miss Teen USA for various media and charity projects.

Posted by:Megan Vick