Batmobile made out of LEGOS

Getting paid to play with Legos is both the dream of every seven-year-old and the actual job of Nathan Sawaya, a “LEGO brick artist” who is able to transform the tiny bricks into astonishingly-detailed sculptures. And DC Comics just revealed Sawaya’s greatest creation yet: an eighteen-foot Lego Batmobile made up of half a million individual Lego brick pieces.

The only thing Sawaya seems to regret about taking on the ambitious project is how quickly he had to put it together. He tells Nerdist, “This took over 480 hours, and I wish I could have spread them out over a longer period, but [it] was done in two months.”

So, to recap: this guy took five hundred thousand pieces of plastic and figured out a way to seamlessly turn them into one of the most iconic pieces of comic book history known to nerd-kind, all in sixty days. Pretty sure that qualifies him as an actual superhero.

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But he’s also done some (slightly) less nerdy work. Sawaya is also the mastermind behind the standout gag at the 2014 Academy Awards, too — those little Lego statues that were handed out to audience members during the “Everything Is Awesome” performance were his handiwork as well.

But back to Batman — Sawaya’s Batmobile isn’t just huge, it’s also meticulously put together. Everything from the bat wings hanging off of the back of the car to the little bat-insignias around the rims is done with superb attention to detail.

The LEGO Batmobile can be seen along with lots of other large-scale Sawaya Batman projects at the exhibition THE ART OF THE BRICK: DC COMICS, which will be traveling worldwide starting in November. Millions of Lego bricks and Batman are about to become the perfect combination.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins