Lil Dicky

It’s the 21st century American Dream: Owning a mansion, a yacht and a car whose doors tilt up instead of out, surrounded by beautiful women and famous people; It’s the 21st century reality: Not having enough money to afford any of that stuff.

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Pennsylvanian rapper/YouTuber Lil Dicky (aka David Burd) is tapping into both dreams simultaneously with his new video “$ave Dat Money,” an epic clip that looks like it cost a million bucks to shoot — but didn’t cost him a dime.

Whether you like the song or not, you have to say this about the hip-hop comedian: Lil Dicky sure can hustle. The hilarious video is bookended by real-life footage of Burd courageously approaching call boxes in an affluent neighborhood. “Hi, my name is Dave,” he explains. “I know this is kind of ridiculous, but I’m a rapper. And we’re shooting a music video all about how we can make the most epic rap video ever for no money…Could we come in and get a few shots?”

After several slammed doors, one nice lady lets Burd and his crew inside — and then the fun really begins. By the time all is said and done, Lil Dicky is ghost-riding a Lamborghini, cruising on a yacht with some lovely ladies, and even partying on top of some dude’s ice cream truck.

And then there’s the celebrities. Among the many cameos are Sarah Silverman, Mark Cuban, Tom Petty and T-Pain — who actually let Lil Dicky crash his music video shoot and use all his backgrounds, extras and cars while he was simultaneously shooting a “real” music video for “Make That S**t Work.”

Laugh if you will, but know this: Lil Dicky’s song “Ex-Boyfriend” got a million views in 24 hours. And in just over a day, “$ave Dat Money” is on the verge of doubling that. Not too shabby, it would seem, for a guy who never spent a penny.

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