One of the oldest sports venues in America has received an extreme makeover — and the surreal photos have to be seen to be believed.

Boston’s Fenway Park — which opened on the day the Titanic sank — has been temporarily updated with a massive snowboard slide that begins at the top of the historic Green Monster and allows athletes to zoom down to home plate.

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The new look for the home of the Boston Red Sox can be attributed to “Polartec Big Air at Fenway,” a two-day event that brings top big air competitors including Olympic slopestyle skiing gold medalist Joss Christensen and Olympic snowboarding champs Sage Kotsemburg and Ty Walker to Boston together to do battle with a 140-foot high snow ramp that is even taller than the park’s light towers.

Nausea-inducing photos and video of athletes going down the ramp are popping up all over social media — a truly amazing sight when you think about how much it would blow the minds of those who built and opened Fenway as a neighborhood-friendly ballpark in 1912.

Fans and VIPs can buy tickets, available through the Red Sox site. Have no fear, baseball fans — although it may not look it now, Spring is on the way. The Red Sox’ equipment truck recently left for Spring Training, and there will be no sign of Big Air when Fenway opens for baseball business April 11.

Posted by:Larry Carroll

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