If you’re hoping the Pokemon Go phenomenon is about to fade away, think again. Not only is it one of the hottest topics during San Diego Comic-Con, it’s now becoming the new Tinder. The dating app, PokeDates, has its players answer a few questions about what they are seeking in a potential match, along with offering up information of what one consider a deal breaker. Then after plugging in the days and times one would be available for a date, the gaming app starts working its matching making magic.

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So, not only is Pokemon Go getting people outsides and exercising, it’s helping players meet new people, while at the same time, assisting them in possibly finding their one true love! To get people involved, they are offering the first date free. Afterward, they will charge users $20 a date. If you are a Pokemon Go player over the age of 25, and live in Canada or the United States, it may be time to delete your Tinder or Bumble app. Pokemon Go sounds like the gift that just keeps giving … well, for some people.

Pokemon Go introduces PokeDates


Others, such as Hollywood director Oliver Stone, who made his first Comic-Con appearance on Thursday (July 21), to promote his new film, “Snowden,” starring Joseph-Gordon Levitt, described the interactive game taking the world by storm as “a new level of invasion.” It’s safe to say that the 69-year-old filmmaker is not a fan. “They are data mining every one in this room,” Stone announced to the San Diego crowd. He considers it to be “surveillance capitalism,” that will lead to a “robot society.”

Oliver Stone

While what Stone is saying may seem extreme, there is a level of truth to the game which tracks its players every move. However, this isn’t new technology, and it’s far from the first app to keep seemingly insurmountable private information on its users’ whereabouts. Each time someone calls an Uber, uses Google maps, Waze or simply registers for the already embedded iPhone tracking system, they are giving these technologies Big Brother power.

People can either choose to embrace the Pokemon Go app or take Stone’s advice and shun it for what it truly is. The issue with the latter being that even if you ignore Pokemon Go, the smart phone in your pocket is already tracking your every move. And its mapping technology has made life without it seem impossible. Let’s hope that these apps that can track our every moves do more good with this information than bad.

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