If you’ve been playing “Pokemon Go,” you may have wondered what it would take to catch them all. Finally, you have your answer: Walking nearly a hundred miles in two weeks, catching nearly 5,000 creatures and hatching several hundred eggs.

For the first time since its debut earlier this month, someone has caught all 142 Pokemon available in the hit smartphone app. Even Ash Ketchum himself would undoubtedly be jealous of this Pokemon master.

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He goes by the name “ftb_hodor,” and this apparent “Game of Thrones” fan lives in New York City. The UK Telegraph has screengrabs of his phone’s Pokedex, listing 142 Pokemon caught. He is now a Level 31 trainer who has reached “Expert Level” in the game.

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Posting on Reddit, he explains: “I went to Jersey for some Dratini hunting. Also caught a Porygon there. Rest were Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

The player reveals that he walked 95.1 miles in total, caught 4,269 Pokemon (you often have to catch and trade duplicates in the game), and hatched 303 eggs (which hatch as you walk around) to fill in his Pokedex.

Asked where the best spot is to catch Pokemon, he reveals: “Grand army plaza. 59th and 5th ave. You’ll know you’re there when you see the horde of 300 people huddled around a gold statue of a dude on a horse.”

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Having spent so much time and effort pursuing the Pokemon, he has come to one major conclusion: Living in a big city is a major advantage. “When I went to a rural area for [the] weekend Pokémon were incredibly hard to find until I got to a hotspot in one town,” he says. “It’s a shame the game doesn’t work there, as it would be so much fun to actually be able to explore outside the city with this game.”

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But before you get too jealous, there is one thing you should know: ftb_hodor is still missing a few precious Pokemon, because he only has every one available in North America. For instance, only Asia has Farfetch’d available to players, while Kangaskhan is in Australia and New Zealand, and Mr. Mime is only in Europe.

“I already booked my flights to Europe and Asia,” he jokes.

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