lamp jpeg Poltergeist terrorizes home in shocking video, but is it real?

IRELAND — A woman from Ireland claims to have captured a poltergeist hurling objects and swinging lamps  on video taken in her home.

User Ashly Murphy uploaded the video to Facebook this week that’s been shared over 186,000 times.

The video appears to show a ceiling lamp swing back and forth, cupboard doors slam open and a red bucket being hurled across the kitchen.

Several commenters appear to be shocked, writing things like, “Omg get out,” “You’re one brave girl, I couldn’t stay there at all,” and “The minute I see that lamp move I would have run away.”

Many others were skeptical.

“Dodgy…how ya know cupboard was gonna open?” said one person. “What a load of [expletive],” said another.

Watch the video player to decide for yourself.

Posted by:Tribune Media Wire