When it comes to sex, sometimes the only thing more interesting than what appeals to you is what appeals to your neighbor. Now, thanks to some newly-released details from one of the most-trafficked pornography sites on the Internet, we have a peek inside the collective bedroom window of the United States … and the results may surprise you.

PornHub has released the most searched terms in each of the fifty states — complete with an eyebrow-raising map — and the biggest takeaway is that if American libidos could choose their own theme song it might be Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” because they like it.

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“Lesbian” is the most searched for term in 30 states — and for those of you fearing that the red state/blue state divide seems to be getting more significant with each passing year, have no fear: From California to New York to Oklahoma and Alabama, when residents of those states want porn, lesbians are the great equalizer.

Of course, the real fun begins when you start digging into the rogue states. For instance, why is everyone in Rhode Island so into MILFs and should residents of that state start hiding their mothers away? Northern states like Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine seem to enjoy indulging in a “step sister” fantasy, while folks in Washington state, Alaska and South Dakota prefer “step mom.”

Hawaii has a thing for “Asian” pornography, while Louisiana (“Black”) and Mississippi, Georgia and Delaware (“Ebony”) also have their own preferences.

If the entire country was a room full of people fessing up, however, it’s safe to say that even the “step sister” people would back away from Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vermont. Those four states keep searching for “cartoon,” which typically involves animated females — think Marge Simpson, Lois and Meg Griffin and others — doing things to each other that you will never see air on FOX’s Sunday night lineup. As the old saying goes: different strokes for different folks.

A map of porn search terms per state SOURCE: PornHub

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