Which type of profession causes the most people to swipe right? Tinder has compiled a list of jobs that get the most likes on the online dating app. Things are looking pretty good for the single male pilots out there along with those unattached female physical therapists.

Based on user’s data between Nov. 2015 through Jan. 2016, these are the jobs people find most attractive.

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Tinder's most attractive jobs

What is it exactly that makes a job seem sexy? Is it the uniform? The paycheck? Perhaps for women, it’s the mystery of figuring out what the man actually does. The second overall most swiped right men’s profession is the vague title Founder/Entrepreneur.

Surprising stats for the men show that they prefer interior designers, teachers and speech language pathologists over models. However both sexes seem to be turned off by people who are actors, stand-up comedians, bank tellers and athletes — professions that don’t even find their way into this list.

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So, if someone is thinking they’re not getting enough matches on Tinder due to one’s height, looks, or wrong choice of photos, it could actually be because one’s job isn’t considered “sexy” enough.

Maybe try changing that bank teller job title to “financial advisor.” Who knows, those dates may just start lining up!

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