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Valentine’s Day is tough for everyone in America, according to the most recent data acquired by BACtrack’s Consumption Report. Beating out both July 4th and Halloween in alcohol consumption is Feb. 14, which is officially ranked as the 3rd most popular holiday in which people breathalyze above the legal alcohol limit of .08.

Over 100,000 blood alcohol content (BAC) test results were collected anonymously from users of BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack’s award-winning smartphone breathalyzer to form these results. While this data doesn’t specify whether it’s single people drinking their feelings away or lovebirds happily toasting to their anniversary, it’s safe to say that Americans are all drinking regardless if they’re happy or sad during the Hallmark holiday.

BAC and Holidays

Looking at this graph, it’s clear to see that the No.1 holiday that people imbibe the most alcohol is the champagne of holidays, New Year’s Eve, with people averaging .095 BAC.

Coming in 2nd place with an average of .087 is Super Bowl Sunday, which isn’t that surprising. Watching football in America without beer is like celebrating Christmas without presents. Even the 2016 champion Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning couldn’t get through his winning speech without mentioning his need for a Budweiser.

The surprising holiday sneaking it’s way towards the top is Mother’s Day. It appears that mommy issues causes way more people to beeline to the bar than daddy issues. But the fact that Mother’s Day has more people getting drunk than on St. Patrick’s Day and Labor Day is some sobering information towards figuring out what kind of situations are driving most people to excessively drink.

BACtrack also tallies the time of day that people reach their peak BAC limit. People appear to start drinking earlier both on Valentine’s Day and Christmas Eve than on St. Patrick’s Day and July 4th.

Holiday vs Date BAC

Whether you’re splitting a bottle of red with a loved one, or drinking it all by yourself with a box of chocolates while watching “When Harry Met Sally,” BACtrack has collected this data to inform people that these days are booze-happy holidays and want to encourage people to call an Uber, which one can do with through their mobile app, or prepare to coordinate a designated driver for these special occasions.

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