Finn Balor in 'WWE 2K16'

After a less than stellar game in “WWE 2K15,” WWE and 2K Games are putting their best foot forward with the latest installment of the annual wrestling video game, making it well worth your time to check out.

The last installment of the game has strange controls, missing game modes and felt like an altogether stripped down and primitive version of a game fans have been playing for years. Luckily, those days are in the past. Zap2it attended the official “SummerSlam” kickoff of “WWE 2K15 in new York City and was among the first to play the new game.

After spending more than a little time beating people up in the newest game, here’s five very important reasons you should consider giving “WWE 2K16” a look, even if you’ve felt slighted by wrestling games in the past.

1. Jim Ross is the voice of 'WWE 2K16'

Just about any professional wrestling fan will agree that former WWE commentator Jim Ross is the true voice of the sport. While he may no longer be employed by the company, he is back on the microphone to call Attitude Era matches in "WWE 2K16's" story mode, which lets players relive the career of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

2. The roster is bigger than you can imagine

"WWE 2K15" coasts the biggest roster in WWE video game history. A total of 120 playable characters will be included when the game ships, consisting of WWE superstars, NXT superstars, legends and -- of course -- The Terminator. That's before you count up the DLC that will undoubtedly release for the game over the next year.

3. It finally looks like actual WWE programming

While THQ and 2K Games have tried for years to replicate the WWE TV series experience, the drawback has always been the loading screens between entrances. With "WWE 2K16," that does out the window. Now entrances load one after the other without cutting away from the game, and players can choose to run in during an opponents entrance and attack.

4. The controls revamp actually makes sense

When 2K Games revamped the control scheme for "WWE 2K15," it felt clunky and underdeveloped. The way it played made WWE's first next generation console game feel unfinished. With another year under their belt though, "WWE 2K16's" controls have a fluidity to them not seen in wrestling games before. You can still mash buttons to fight, but learning to fight smart with the controls isn't hard to do and will benefit you in the long run.

There's also a new reversal system, which makes it necessary to think before you act. Players are given a set number of reversals that replenish with time, but the days of a constant reversal fest are over.

5. Features missing from 'WWE 2K15' are back

When "WWE 2K15" debuted on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a shocking number of creation options simply disappeared. Create-An-Arena, Create-A-Championship, Create-A-Diva and more were removed as the game moved to next generation consoles. Luckily, those modes are all back, along with upgraded WWE Universe and  MyCareer modes.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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