Young Iceman marvel

Marvel comics took a large step forward in equal representation when they brought young Iceman out of the closet in “All New X-Men” #40. While the move was applauded by many, it created a weird timeline in which the young Iceman was out but opened questions about his older self in the “current” timeline.

The Advocate has released an exclusive preview of “Uncanny X-Men” #600, in which young Iceman gets to meet his “current” self and the conversation closes that loop.

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In the preview panels, young Iceman comes clean to his older self that he’s gay — which means older Iceman is too — but the younger version doesn’t want to stay hidden in the closet. He hopes that the older Bobby Drake will follow suit.

While older Iceman is initially annoyed that his younger self wants to add being gay to the difficulties of being a mutant, in the end he admits that he too is a homosexual, bringing the story full circle and closing the time gap.

Now it remains to be seen if this revelation will have any impact on the arc of Shawn Ashmore’s incarnation of the ice wielding superhero in the Fox Studios “X-Men” films, the next of which is in theaters May 27, 2016.

Posted by:Megan Vick