Nicole Arbour earned a heated reaction for her “Dear Fat People” YouTube video, and apparent censorship on the part of the video-sharing company.

The YouTube personality posted the six-minute-long video to her page on Thursday, Aug. 3. In it, the Canadian comedian used humor and “trolling” to try to inspire overweight people to lose weight. With over 700,000 views, the video upset a number of people, including vlogger Meghan Tonjes.

Several days later, Arbour’s YouTube channel was temporarily shut down. Technically the video doesn’t break any of YouTube’s guidelines. She took to Twitter on Sunday to complain about the apparent censorship.

“We literally broke the Internet … With comedy,” Arbour writes.

“Wow, I’m the first comedian in the history of @YouTube to be #censored There are graphic videos about murder and torture, but satire is [speak no evil emoji],” she continues.

After CNN reported on Arbour’s channel being suspended, she noticed that it was reinstated but without her videos. As of press time, the videos have been returned to her YouTube page. She then added a new video called “Most Offensive Video EVER.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz