It's been 25 years of the MTV Movie Awards and throughout that time, the Best Kiss award winners have brought some epic sexual tension to the ceremony stage. On Sunday (April 10), the new recipients of the award, "Pitch Perfect 2's" Adam Devine and Rebel Wilson, hit the stage with some stellar self control.

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Mind you, this isn't Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams ... no one can really match the majesty of that make-out session. Still, it's not long after "Arrow" star Stephen Amell introduced this year's winners that things devolved into some naughty, pixelated action.

Yes, the two comedic actors suck face and yes, Wilson loses her heels as the two take things to a horizontal level on stage. Sure, there's a blurred moment in the above clip as the actress's skirt reveals a bit too much. But that's just what happens when the sparks fly on MTV.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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