21-Jump-Street-poster.jpgCritics are raving about the upcoming film “21 Jump Street” and we have to agree. We just got a chance to speak with stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum about adapting the film from the original television show, introducing Tatum to improv and having a man’s hand in your mouth.

Improv is new to Tatum and he tells us about working with the technique. “Just trying to jump in step with some of theses guys that, I guess, their instrument is so sort of honed for that because that’s what the do, they call it bits, they always talk about funny stuff and see where it goes. I wasn’t used to doing that doing so many dramas, but it was a fun crowd to really get to play with, because if you jumped in and said something stupid or not funny they don’t bash you for it. You just sort of learn their ways of thinking and where their mind goes to make stuff sort of interesting and clever.” Hill countered, “He’s good at it. I don’t know what he’s talking about. He killed it.”

We asked them about the grossest thing they did on set. When we visited them in New Orleans, we watched the boys film a scene where Hill had his hand in Tatum’s mouth. “That was probably the grossest on the shoot for sure,” Tatum says. “Yea, there’s other stuff we can’t talk about. Yea, I’ve never had a man’s hand in my mouth before… for work, I mean.”

Hill explains how they updated the film. “You know, it’s a pretty dated show, so it’s definitely ’80’s all the way. But it’s kinda fun that way. When I went back and watched it, when I got sent the script, it was almost a comedy because, you know, things have changed so much, but I love the show as well. I watched it every single week with my sister. I think kids now are so strange … Jonah and I always laugh because with feel like we’re 50 years old or something because when we start talking about this script, we’re like we didn’t have Internet when we were in school. So it’s such a digital age now, like the stereo types of the jocks or the cool kids, or the bad kids or the cool kids is not, like, the case anymore.”

“21 Jump Street” premieres in theaters on March 16th.

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