Oh, happy day! It’s a day to celebrate all things chocolate — as if anyone needs an excuse.

According to Wired, July 7, 1550 is the day chocolate was introduced in Europe, so the seventh day of the seventh month has become known as World Chocolate Day. That’s why Zap2it invites you to kick back with your favorite type of chocolate and re-live these five awesome chocolate moments from TV and movies.

5. Monica’s chocolate candy

In this Season 7 episode, Monica (Courteney Cox) makes chocolate-covered candy for her neighbors … and it spirals wildly out of control, as she cannot keep up with the demand and ends up with an angry mob outside her door.

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4. Kristen Wiig vs. the chocolate fountain

171b2d World Chocolate Day: 5 TV & movie moments to satisfy your cravings

Wiig does so many great things in “Bridesmaids,” but perhaps the most epic scene is her meltdown at Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) bridal shower, which culminates in Wiig thrusting her arms into a giant chocolate fountain and splashing hot, melted chocolate everywhere.

3. ‘The Simpsons’ Land of Chocolate

Way back in Season 3 of “The Simpsons,” Mr. Burns sells the Springfield power plant to a German businessmen. When they interview Homer as part of the takeover, Homer can’t answer their questions and slips off into a daydream about a land made of chocolate.

2. Willy Wonka’s chocolate river

“What do you get when you guzzle down sweets? Eating as much as an elephant eats? What are you at getting terribly fat? What do you think will come of that? I don’t like the look of it.”

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Poor Augustus Gloop, nearly drowning in a river of chocolate. Though, really, he kind of had it coming, contaminating the river by sticking his greedy little hands in it.

1. Lucy and Ethel’s chocolate fiasco

It does not get any more classic than Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Ethel (Ethel Merman) shoveling chocolates in their mouths as the conveyor belt gets out of control at the chocolate factory.

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