Visiting pre-World War II England suddenly became more difficult after Sunday’s (Mar. 6) series finale of “Downton Abbey.” Chill, Anglophiles. Similar adventures abound via these recommended movie and TV titles, all available either on DVD or through various streaming services:

‘Upstairs, Downstairs (1971-75)

Spy games and sordid love affairs bring disorder to the house in this surprisingly edgy phenomenon that was based on the same kitchen maid’s memoirs that inspired “Downton.”

‘Brideshead Revisited’ (1981)

Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud popped by to add class to this adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel that pulls off the miraculous feat of turning a thesis on Roman Catholicism into an engrossing soap opera.

‘A Room With a View’ (1985)

For those who find the pace of “Downton” all too hectic, there’s James Ivory-Ismail Merchant’s take on the E.M. Forster’s novel about women trying not to melt under repression and snobbish airs of Daniel Day-Lewis.

‘The Remains of the Day’ (1993)

Anthony Hopkins makes Mr. Carson look downright progressive in his portrayal of a loyal butler who considers the touching of a woman’s head a cardinal sin. The film was nominated for eight Oscars.

‘Manor House’ (2003)

'Manor House'

Hoping to capitalize on the rising popularity of reality TV, this British export challenged an upper-class family and volunteers servants to imagine life in an Edwardian mansion. The final product doesn’t quite match the drama of “Big Brother” due to a lack of eccentric participants and liquor.

Posted by:Neal Justin, Minneapolis Star Tribune