The official trailer for Adam Sandler’s “Ridiculous 6” has arrived and with it comes … fewer racist jokes than one might expect.

The movie has been clouded with negative press since first heading into production. Back in April, roughly a dozen Native American background actors walked off the Netflix movie’s set in protest “after repeatedly hearing script subject matter they felt was offensive to the women and elders of their culture.”

Indian Country Today Media Network presented some examples of the disrespect in question, which included Native women’s names such as “Beaver’s Breath” and “No Bra,” an actress playing an Apache woman urinating while smoking a peace pipe, and feathers inappropriately positioned on a teepee. Netflix responded by defending the film in simply claiming it was a satire.

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Sandler eventually commented on the controversy by saying, “it was just a misunderstanding and, once the movie is out, will be cleared up.”

Now the trailer for the new Western is here for your approval and by the looks of things, it looks way less racist than expected. In what looks like a well-thought out plan, the trailer throws in quick glimpses of Native American characters without lingering on them for too long. Well … there is that baby holding a tomahawk, but still.

Of course, they could be hiding all the racism after the backlash from the filming controversy.

Either way, the trailer focuses on the film’s main characters. “Ridiculous 6” follows the story of Tommy White Knife (Sandler) and his five idiotic brothers: Luke Wilson as Danny, Taylor Lautner as Lil’ Pete, Rob Schneider as Ramon, Terry Crews as Chico and Jorge Garcia as Herm as they team up on a quest to find their elusive outlaw father.

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With the usual slapstick style antics one has come to expect from an Adam Sandler movie strewn about the trailer, the film does boast a pretty great sounding cast. If this is your thing, take note as “The Ridiculous 6” will hit Netflix on Friday, Dec. 11.

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