hypable logo square4 Aquaman and Cyborg love the panned Batman v Superman: Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher send supportDC’s Aquaman and Cyborg, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher, have both released positive messages in support of the critically panned “Batman v Superman.”

“Batman v Superman” has received a pretty devastating (undeserved or otherwise) beating by critics, but audiences seem to love it — at least if the box office numbers are anything to go by!

The general consensus seems to be that audiences need to stop being so critical, and let themselves enjoy the spectacle of watching the two most iconic superheroes battle it out.

This definitely seems to be the angle Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are going for. Their characters Aquaman and Cyborg both debuted in “Batman v Superman” and are being set up for solo movies, and obviously want to express their loyalty to the DC cinematic universe.

On Instagram, the pair posted some memes poking fun at critics, adding commentary that pretty clearly expresses their attitudes. “Shit made me laugh,” writes Momoa of the meme. “Just go have fun watch enjoy.”

Fisher puts it in even simpler terms: “Fans>Critics #BORGLIFE.” We certainly can’t argue with that!

Check out their posts below, which also includes a sweet Easter message:

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Fans>Critics #BORGLIFE #batmanvsuperman #DC

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And there you have it! Momoa and Fisher’s characters both appear in “Batman v Superman,” although briefly. Ezra Miller’s Flash also makes a cameo.

Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” solo movie is set to be released on July 27, 2018, with Ray Fisher’s “Cyborg” coming in 2020. Both will appear in DC’s “Justice League, Part 1,” which hits on November 17, 2017.

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