Captain America Avengers.jpgDespite Disney and Marvel’s supposed embargo on full reviews of “The Avengers” until May 2, trigger-happy critics have already started rolling out the feedback, and it’s looking pretty good. The film, which opens in theaters May 4, has a stacked cast to boot with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans as the superhero supergroup.

The Hollywood Reporter says, “The All-Star Game of modern superhero extravaganzas, ‘The Avengers’ is humongous,” adding that this film is one Marvel devotees “have been waiting for.”

Variety says, “Crucially, sequences that might have played as laborious buildup are handled in a brisk, straight-ahead manner that quickly focuses attention while methodically elevating the stakes, scene by scene … The battles are excitingly staged, with a sweep and coherence that actually gain something from the 3D conversion, especially when the camera starts to pinball from building to building in a breathless flurry of digital zooms and tracking shots.

Movie Web writes, “‘Avengers’ is by far the most spectacular superhero ever made in terms of a visual extravagance, and is truly something that has been worth waiting for and it’s the Marvel equivalence to Nolan’s Batman. In final words prepare for something that is truly indescribable as your theatres roars in applause … Joss Whedon has officially created every fan boy’s dream.”

Of course, not everyone can be a fan. Box Office Magazine, for instance, writes, “‘The Avengers’ almost works. It’s funny and it’s physical, but even at two and a half hours, it plays like it’s on fast-forward. Forget character development-there’s not even character explanation. The lesser Avengers are most slighted. … Samuel L. Jackson continues to be the franchise’s weak link as an unconvincing military bureaucrat. Though his co-stars fight in horned helmets or turn green when enraged, he can’t even credibly wear an eye patch.”

Are you excited for “The Avengers” to be out in theaters?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper