robert-downey-jr-avengers-premiere-iron-man.jpgAt the world premiere of “The Avengers,” Zap2it asked star Robert Downey Jr. what it feels like to be a part of the biggest superhero movie of all time. Not surprisingly the actor, who arrived decked head to toe in a deep purple suit, responded with boldness.
“Feels just about right,” says the actor, with wife Susan Downey, a film producer who recently gave birth to their son, Exton.
In the film, hitting theaters May 4, Downey reprises his role as the Iron Man, a superhero who gets recruited to join a band of like-minded do-gooders — to track down bad guys in the Joss Whedon-directed film.
Downey also told us about his personal affinity for people who are tied to a purpose.
“I love enthusiasm,” he says, referencing the legion of fans screaming behind him on Hollywood Boulevard. “Like all those folks across the street who’ve been standing out there [since] who knows when. And I like it when people make good on an ambitious promise, which is what Marvel did five years ago when they said, by 2012, we’ll have an ‘Avengers’ movie put together.”
Downey didn’t rule out the possibility of assembling one more giant blockbuster flick down the road, which would feature a juggernaut of superheroes, Batman included.
“Susan’s negotiating that right now… in between breastfeeding,” he jokes.
If he seems indestructible and unflappable, Downey did share one specific challenge that comes with playing this larger-than-life role.
“Promoting it,” he says with a laugh. 
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