olivia cooke ouija bates motel 'Bates Motel's' Olivia Cooke joins 'Ouija': 5 board games that could be TV shows

For those who are constantly complaining that the movie industry doesn’t have any original ideas, this certainly is going to help further their cause. “Ouija,” based on the board game, is in the works and “Bates Motel” star Olivia Cooke has signed on as the female lead, according to THR.
Her character attempts to contact a dead friend through a “Ouija” board, with wacky haunted hijinx ensuing. While board games as movies are nothing new, here’s looking at you “Clue” and “Battleship,” why not also adapt them into TV shows? There’s no end to game shows based on various board games, but what about legitimate scripted TV?
For your reading pleasure, here are five board games Zap2it would like to see given the TV treatment.
“Candy Land”

Shows based on fairy tales are huge these days, so why not one about “Candy Land”? What person wouldn’t watch adventures through the Candy Cane Forest, or a battle atop Gum Drop Mountain? In fact, “Once Upon a Time” creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz wrote one of the early versions of the “Ouija” script, so this could be the perfect way to bridge the two worlds. “Once Upon a Time in Candy Land” has a nice ring to it.

Shows about world domination are nothing new. It’s happened several times before and it will definitely happen again. For “Risk” though, the way to do it is by using a video game version of the classic board game. “Risk: Factions” pits humans, zombies, robots, Yeti and giant cats against each other to see who will rule the planet. Bonus points if they get Stacy Keach for the role of General William P. McGutterpants, leader of the humans.
“Settlers of Catan”
This would most-likely be based around the part of the game everyone hates most: the robber. The show would go into his backstory to he’s actually the hero of the game, sneaking away with resources that are simply being hoarded. Little do the people in the growing cities know that all that stolen grain is being used to feed the poor in the forest. That’s right, the robber is Robin Hood.
“The Game of Life”
If ever there was a board game waiting to become a half-hour comedy on CBS, it’s “The Game of Life.” It’ll go on forever, sort of like “How I Met Your Mother,” but definitely get to the point a bit earlier. It starts with a man and woman, one starting college, the other joining the work force. They eventually meet, get married, have kids, get oil changes, attend movie premieres. You know, normal people stuff. Eventually, when the series comes to an end, they move into the Countryside Acres retirement home and it’s game over.
“A Game of Thrones”
This would have everything: War, strategy, dragons, with seven different kingdoms battling for control of the fictional continent of Westeros. It could be the epitome of an epic TV series. Never mind, it would probably never work.
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