On Saturday (July 23), in the infamous Hall H at San-Diego Comic-Con, the entire star-studded cast of “Justice League” took to the stage, along with director Zack Snyder, to tease fans of the upcoming superhero movie.

As if seeing Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher all sitting together wasn’t enough — then they played the sizzle reel, which is incredible.

The sizzle reel features Affleck as Batman rounding up his team of superheroes. With the help of Wonder Woman (Gadot), he contacts Aquaman (Momoa), and then pulls out his cell-phone to personally call up The Flash.

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“Hey Barry Allen. It’s Bruce Wayne,” Affleck says, as the entire crowd at Comic-Con lost its mind. In the clip, Batman tests Allen’s skills by throwing one of his daggers right at his head, but of course, to The Flash, it appears to move in slow-motion. “So you’re fast, huh,” Affleck says, trying to veil how impressed he truly is. It appears that The Flash and Batman are going to have a killer bromance in “Justice League.” Their banter is both quick, and witty and together they will kick so much butt.

In the exclusive preview, Batman asks Allen if he will help the Justice League out and before Allen is even told exactly what he will be doing to assist the superhero gang, Allen says, “Stop right there. I’m in.” Why? “I need friends.” Then with a big smile on his face, he looks at the sweet looking bat shaped dagger Batman just threw at his head and asks, “Can I keep this?”

Oh man, this movie is going to be so good, so kick-ass. Just sucks we have to wait until November 17, 2017 before it officially hits theaters.

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