bill hader to star in baywatch movie gi Bill Hader to play David Hasselhoff's role in 'Baywatch' movie   reportEveryone remembers “Baywatch,” and surely some thought it would never disappear. Where would society be without the tales of Mitch Buchannon, played by David Hasselhoff, and his army of beautiful women in bathing suits far too revealing for government employees?

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to revisit the beach, because “Baywatch” is coming back, and it’s headed to the big screen! That’s right, there’s a “Baywatch” movie happening and this time you’re actually supposed to laugh at it.

According to The Wrap, the script is being written by Robert Ben Garant, co-creator of “Reno 911!” and member of sketch comedy group “The State.” Like “Reno 911!,” the “Baywatch” movie will treat absurd situations with a faux serious attitude.

“Saturday Night Live” star Bill Hader looks to be stepping into the lead role, made famous by Hasselhoff. Garant says that while Hader has yet to sign the contract, he will be playing the role. Additionally, The Hoff and Pamela Anderson are expected to make cameo appearances.

Now, the real question: How many songs can they get Hasselhoff to sing on the soundtrack? “All of them” is an acceptable answer.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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