If you were a fan of the found-footage movie that started them all, the 1999 "Blair Witch Project," then you're in for a real treat come September -- there's a sequel coming out.

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett, who previously collaborated on "You're Next" and "The Guest," "Blair Witch" follows the younger brother of Heather Donahue’s character from the original, played by James Allen McCune.

The film was secretly shot in Vancouver in 2015 and has been marketed under the name "The Woods" -- that is, until San Diego Comic-Con hosted a screening and Q&A for a few lucky fans on Friday (July 22), though it was billed as a screening for "The Woods." Sneaky, sneaky.

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"It really has been fascinating, all the CIA-level security that we have put around this project, from the very beginning,” film developer Jason Constantine tells Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve been at Lionsgate for 16 years ... never have we ever set out to make a reboot movie, and keep it in total secrecy, with a brand that’s as well known to the public as this one. It’s incredible to think about how many people needed to know about it to bring this movie to life -- and yet we ended up not having any leaks in that regard."

At the screening Q&A, Wingard and Barrett told the crowd that the whole process was so hush-hush that not even the actors knew what they were working on at first.

"None of them knew what they were auditioning for until they were hired," says Wingard. Barrett adds, "They basically thought they were auditioning for, I think, a terrible 'Blair Witch' rip-off."

Hopefully that's not what the "Blair Witch" sequel actually turns out to be. It hits theaters Sept. 16.

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