Jessica Biel and Edi Gathegi in Bleeding Heart

“Bleeding Heart” is a new drama thriller starring Jessica Biel, Zosia Mamet, Joe Anderson and “The Blacklist’s” Edi Gathegi. In the film, Biel plays May, a woman who finds her long-lost sister, Shiva (Mamet), and tries to help her get out of her life as a sex worker and away from her abusive pimp.

Gathegi plays Biel’s boyfriend, Dex, who is reticent to help Shiva because he doesn’t trust her — and Dex and May find themselves at odds with her decision to intervene in Shiva’s life.

“It’s a drama that explores one aspect of what it means to be a human being, the tough decisions that you have to make,” Gathegi tells Zap2it. “There’s a moment when you have a choice to do something or a choice not to do it and this explores one woman’s decision to continue going down a path. I don’t know if there’s a right or a wrong, but it’s a fascinating conversation. It’s a slice of life that has something traumatic bubbling.”

He explains that if Dex is honest with him, he would admit that he doesn’t trust May’s judgment when it comes to her newly-found sister.


"I think fundamentally, if he wasn't lying to himself, he'd say that he doesn't trust her judgment or maybe he feels that she's blinded by a new toy or love and that he can see the situation a little clearer than she can because she's got rose-colored glasses on," the actor explains. "But I think he goes mental when we see what May's sister is in terms of what she does professionally and all the implications that come with that."

"Dex is a typical supportive boyfriend who wants the best for the partnership. He's loyal, he's a man of his word and I think that May's the same way. So when May meets her sister and starts to hide things and change, I think Dex feels completely at a loss with who she's becoming. He feels he doesn't know her anymore," Gathegi adds.

Despite shooting the film over two years ago, Gathegi says he has very fond memories of working with Biel and Mamet on the movie.

"Zosia is a talented, in-the-moment actress. With Jessica, she was also extremely in the moment. I loved working with her, she's just so easy-going," he says. "Off camera, the nicest human being and on camera, the most generous actress. We had a really good chemistry together. I just loved being on set with her, I'm a fan."

"Bleeding Heart" is in theaters now.

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