bryan cranston ben affleck argo warner bros Box office: 'Argo' wins Halloween weekend followed by 'Hotel Transylvania' and 'Cloud Atlas'What did you see at the movies on Halloween weekend? It appears the sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated “Argo” was the top choice for most moviegoers, as it’s expected to land at the top of the box office yet again.

The Ben Affleck-directed flick took in $12.3 million dollars the weekend of Oct. 26-28, with “Hotel Transylvania” and new release “Cloud Atlas” coming in second and third with $9.5 million and $9.4 million, respectively. “Paranormal Activity 4” and “Taken 2” rounded out the top five.

Overall, the box office was down more than 12 percent versus the same weekend last year, taking in a total of more than $81 million for the weekend instead of more than $93 million.

The full top 10 is below. What did you see this weekend?

1. “Argo,” $12.3 million
2. “Hotel Transylvania,” $9.5 million
3. “Cloud Atlas,” $9.4 million
4. “Paranormal Activity 4,” $8.675 million
5. “Taken 2,” $8 million
6. “Silent Hill: Revelation,” $8 million
7. “Here Comes the Boom,” $5.5 million
8. “Sinister,” $5.07 million
9. “Alex Cross,” $5.05 million
10. “Fun Size,” $4.06

Posted by:Jean Bentley