a good day to die hard box office Box Office: 'Die Hard' leading the weekend, 'Safe Haven' at number 3

Not even terrible reviews can stop John McClane. “A Good Day To Die Hard” is leading President’s Day weekend, followed by “Identity Thief.” An adaptation of the YA novel “Beautiful Creatures” has fallen to sixth place it’s first weekend, while “Safe Haven” is safely in the middle at number three.
“Die Hard” is on point to rake in $36.4 million by the end of the holiday weekend. The fifth installment in the franchise, starring Bruce Willis, has been met with almost entirely negative reviews. “Safe Haven,” the latest in a line of movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels, is looking at $34.3 million.
‘Beautiful Creatures,” on the other hand, can be considered a complete flop at this point. By the end of the holiday weekend, it’ll only have made $11.1 million. “Identity Thief,” starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy continues to deliver at the box office, with $26.6 million for the weekend.
“Escape From Planet Earth,” a new animated movie from The Weinstein Company is enjoying a nice start, coming in at number four with $20.5 million for the four-day weekend. It helps that it’s the only kid-oriented movie at the box office right now. Lastly, “Warm Bodies” continues to hold on, with $10.9 million in its third weekend.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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