man of steel box office Box office: 'Man of Steel' flies high, 'This Is the End' holds at second

It should come as no surprise that “Man of Steel” is number one at the weekend box office, by far. The newest Superman adventure, which is a reboot of the franchise, pulled in $44 million Friday, and is working toward a $120 million weekend. Adding in an extra $12 million from Thursday showings, and “Man of Steel” seems to be doing alright.
It’s Friday total more than doubled that of 2006’s “Superman Returns,” giving it the 20th highest opening day of all time.
“This Is the End” ranks at a distant number 2 with a $7 million Friday, working toward $21 million for the 3-day weekend. Factoring in grosses from Wednesday and Thursday will bring the R-rated comedy to a total of $32.3 million.
“After Earth” continues to fall down the Top 10, landing at number nine in its third week, bringing in $1 million Friday. The entire Top 10 can be found below with Friday estimates.
1. Man of Steel $44 million
2. This is the End $7 million
3. Now You See Me $3.1 million
4. The Purge $2.8 million
5. Fast & Furious 6 $2.5 million
6. The Internship $2.2 million
7. Epic $1.6 million
8. Star Trek Into Darkness $1.3 million
9. After Earth $1 million
10. Iron Man 3 $650,000
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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