the-avengers-jeremy-renner-chris-evans-scarlett-johansson-disney-80-million“Marvel’s The Avengers” assembled on Friday, May 4, for the 2nd biggest single day gross and Friday opening of all time in box office history. The superhero smashup took in $80.5 million on it’s opening day. This is the first of the summer blockbusters and boy, it’s off to a good start.

“Think Like a Man,” which had knocked “Hunger Games” out of the top spot came in second with a sad-in-comparison $2.7 million. That’s roughly a $77.8 million difference! In third place, we have “The Lucky One.” The Zac Effron romantic flick earned just under $2 million. “The Five-Year Engagement” took in $1.7 and in fifth, “Hunger Games” grabbed $1.6.

In the bottom half of the top ten, “Pirates! Band of Misfits” took sixth place with $1.3 million. The next four all did below a million with “The Raven” making $844,000, “Safe,” $825,000 “Chimpanzee,” $707,000 and “Cabin in the Woods” $515,000. It’s safe to say that “The Avengers” did the thing superheroes are supposed to do. Kick butt. What did you see this Friday night?

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