brad pitt world war z cinemacon gi Brad Pitt's sons decided he should make 'World War Z'

There aren’t that many Brad Pitt movies that are kid-friendly. With the exception of his involvement in movies like “Megamind,” “Moneyball,” “Happy Feet Two” and “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas,” the majority of the films Pitt’s made in the past 10 years either aren’t ones his children would want to watch or aren’t ones they should watch.

That’s why Pitt turned to his sons when it came time to choose his next project. He told reporters at CinemaCon that he asked Maddox, 11, Pax, 9, and Knox, 4, what movie they would like to see him star in, and they decided on “World War Z.”

“Four years ago I knew nothing about zombies but now I consider myself an expert,” Pitt admits, according to Deadline. “This whole thing started because I just wanted to do a film my boys could see before they turned 18, one they liked anyway and they loved zombies. So we settled on Max Brooks’ book called
‘World War Z.'”

“World War Z” is not yet rated, but based on these claims it seems like it could end up with a PG-13 rating. The film is due in theaters on June 21 and also stars “The Killing’s” Mireille Enos. Pitt is excited about the movie and says fans of zombie culture should be too.

“How do we keep the global spectacular dynamic scope of the book and how do we originate a zombie film that’s been done quite often and really really well? What you are about to see is our answer to those two questions,” he says. “We got a little carried away. I think you are going to like this as much as my boys are going to.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz