need for speed aaron paul trailer breaking bad 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul in 'Need For Speed' trailer: Which car stunts did he do?

The trailer for “Need for Speed” has finally dropped, and it shows some pretty incredible car scenes. From huge crashes to massive jumps to a helicopter carrying a car off a cliff, the new DreamWorks movie is something that strives to only show the best of the best of car films.

This is “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul‘s first big screen role since his time with Jesse Pinkman came to an end back in September. If viewers couldn’t already tell from the trailer, the role of Tobey Marshall in “Need for Speed” is going to be a far cry from the troubled drug dealer on the AMC hit series.

“They’re such polar opposite people. I think the moment Tobey Marshall comes on screen they’re not going to see — or hopefully they don’t see — Jesse Pinkman,” Paul tells Zap2it during a group interview while promoting the film. “Jesse was, I think, struggling to find his way throughout the entire show. He never really had his footing ever and he never ever caught a break. Tobey is a very strong man. He knows who he is, and he’s kind of got his sh** together.”

One of the big draws of “Need for Speed” is the fact that director Scott Waugh (“Act of Valor”) shot the car scenes with practical stunts. That means even the helicopter cliff scene was actually filmed instead of resorting to CGI. Paul recalls some important advice he got from Steven Spielberg before starting the movie in regards to the stunts that Waugh — a stunt man-turned-director — would try to push him to do.

“Because Scott being a stunt man and his father being a bada** stunt man, I think he was just automatically thinking I was a stunt man,” Paul says with a laugh. “Steven Spielberg said to me, ‘Scott’s going to probably try to do as much of the stunts as possible. If you do not feel comfortable with it, you have to say no, and that’s why there’s a stuntman,’ and Scott did try to get me to do as much as I possibly did.”

need for speed trailer 'Breaking Bad's' Aaron Paul in 'Need For Speed' trailer: Which car stunts did he do?

Though Paul didn’t do the cliff jump or something called the “Grasshopper” (image to the right), many of the driving scenes actually show him behind the wheel. Some of his favorite moments while shooting were when he was driving at incredibly high speeds down the highway. 

“There’s a lot of scenes where we lock down an entire freeway and I’m flying chasing after the camera car and I have to stay this far away from the camera that’s on a long arm, and I look down at the speedometer and I’m driving 120, 140 miles per hour trying not to laugh because it’s so much fun,” he says.

Waugh’s goal was to create a movie in the style of ’70s style car movies, though of course “Need for Speed” has the backdrop of its video game franchise. That created an exciting challenge for Waugh and writers George and John Gatins to wrestle with.

“The game, there was no narrative there. It was a blank canvas. So all we needed to stick to was super fast cars and that’s it. It was a blank slate,” Paul explains. “Scott’s focus was, ‘I want the audience to feel that he’s in the car with these characters.’ We use a lot of helmet cam shots so you feel like you’re actually behind the wheel, and that’s how you feel when you’re actually driving cars in the game.”

“Need for Speed” is due in theaters on March 14, 2014. What did you think of this new trailer?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz