halle berry phoebe cates topless Celebrate 'Go Topless Day,' Hollywood styleInternational Go Topless day is celebrated around the world, this year on Sunday, Aug. 26. It isn’t as big in the U.S. as it is in Europe, but fear not! You can still commemorate the mammaries — even if you’re planning on keeping your own upper torso under wraps.

Whether you choose to expose your chesticles or not, you can still get in the spirit of the day by checking out news of some of the most celebrated, notorious or surprising topless scenes in movie history.

(A note to pervs and/or concerned citizens — Zap2It is a Safe For Work/Children/Sensitive Souls site, so we won’t be showing the chests in question. You’re welcome and/or sorry to disappoint.) 

Posted by:Sarah Jersild