charlie sheen changes name carlos estevez Charlie Sheen to go by 'Carlos Estevez' for 'Machete Kills'   reportCharlie Sheen has reportedly decided to get back to his roots by using his given name for his role in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez movie “Machete Kills.”

TMZ has obtained a picture from the credits, which shows Sheen being billed as “Carlos Estevez,” which is the name he was born with. Sheen has never gone by that name in his professional career.

Actor Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father, was born Ramon Estevez, as his father, Francisco Estevez Martinez, was from Spain. The elder Sheen said in an interview 10 years ago that he adopted the stage name “Martin Sheen” because he had trouble getting acting jobs with the Spanish name, but he never changed it legally, which means all four of Sheen’s children have Estevez as a last name. It’s something Sheen said he regrets.

“I started using Sheen, I thought I’d give it a try, and before I knew
it, I started making a living with it and then it was too late. In fact,
one of my great regrets is that I didn’t keep my name as it was given
to me. I knew it bothered my dad,” said Sheen on “Inside the Actors Studio” in 2003.

Charlie decided to take after his father and go by “Charlie Sheen” when he began his acting career, though he, too, has never legally changed his name. Brother Emilio Estevez obviously chose to keep his birth name when he got into acting, as did siblings Ramon and Renee.

Reportedly, the “Sheen” comes Catholic televangelist Fulton J. Sheen, who Martin has referred to as “a magnificent actor.”

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