Over the last few months, a movement has been gaining steam to take Captain America and Bucky’s bro-mance and turn it into a full-on romance. Now, it seems, two fans have taken it to the next level.

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Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are spending the weekend at Wizard World in Philadelphia, and  agreed to take staged photos with fans. Typically at such events, the stars stand still while one person after another forks over their money, shakes a hand and smiles, and then is quickly whisked away.

Two brave souls, however, decided to use the opportunity to show Evans and Stan what it would be like if the characters they play on the big screen embraced a different side of themselves. And perhaps the best part about the photo is that while the actors seem surprised and amused, they certainly don’t disapprove.

While one fan dressed like Captain America and another cosplaying as Bucky Barnes embrace in a last-minute liplock, Stan looks like somebody just mooned him. Evans, meanwhile, has a supportive hand on Bucky and a mischievous grin on his face.

“BLESS THEM ALL OF THEM BLESS US ALL GOD BLESS AMERICA,” one fan tweeted in response to the photo, posting a .gif of people applauding. Another says: “Bless these fans, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Will this viral pic inspire Marvel to re-write the cinematic playbook and have Stan/Evans someday recreate on-screen the embrace of these pranksters? It seems unlikely — but at the very least, we may have just been blessed with the greatest moment in cosplay history.

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