If you think you’ve got a killer “Thor” joke and happen to run into Chris Hemsworth somewhere, don’t even bother because he’s heard them all. Chris appeared on “Conan” to talk about “Thor: The Dark World,” when he revealed that everyone who comes up to him more or less has the same joke.
“So basically, Thor meets this young maiden and they sleep with one another and have a wonderful night,” he says. “The next morning, Thor says, ‘Young maiden, I must confess and tell you who I am. I’m Thor.’ And she goes, ‘You’re Thor? I can hardly walk!'” Cue the fit of giggles as everyone in ear shot laughs at your hilarious joke.
Hemsworth says he’s heard the joke no less than 300 times since the first movie came out. Something he does find funny, though, is fan art that puts Thor in some very interesting situations, like as a Vic-Thor-ia’s Secret Angel. You can see some of the art in the video above.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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