Chris Hemsworth doesn’t think much of the rivalry between Marvel and DC. The two massive comic book companies have been neck-in-neck for years, but as the “Thor: The Dark World” star notes, there isn’t much of a competition in terms of their feature films.

“We’re just winning aren’t we?” Hemsworth quips in an interview with Jake Hamilton while promoting his new movie “Rush.” “That’s not really a rivalry.”

To diffuse his joking comment, Hemsworth made it clear that he’s not trying to egg on DC fans. According to him, he never thinks about the fact that the Marvel films he stars in could be facing off against the DC lineup.

“It’s only when people mention it that you even think about it,” he says, adding of how “The Avengers” beat “The Dark Knight Rises” at the box office, “You can’t help being excited about your film being a part of something that does that well. It all kind of benefits each other.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz