It’s no secret that Chris Pratt is back in chiseled form for his lead role in Marvel’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” film adaptation (Hello, have you seen the photo?), but what was unknown was how his TV gig would explain his banging bod.

On NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” Pratt’s Andy Dwyer has always been sort of an goofy slob, so the jarring slim-down certainly required an explanation. In keeping with the character, Thursday’s (Sept. 26) premiere featured a quick moment where he explained to a stunned Ben (Adam Scott) that he lost 50 pounds in one week simply by giving up beer.  If only it were that easy.

Not only did the show need to address the weight loss, but it also had to set the stage for Pratt’s impending absence. With “Guardians of the Galaxy” filming in London, he won’t exactly be able to make it to the L.A.-based set of his show. So, heading to London for the premiere to accommodate Pratt’s filming schedule, the group left him behind to work with Lord Covington, the new benefactor of Ben and Andy’s non-profit.

While “Parks and Rec” will certainly feel incomplete without Andy, he’ll be back soon. After all, Lord Covington — err, Marvel — only needs him for three months.

Check out Pratt explain his weight loss, in character, on “Parks and Rec” above.

Posted by:Billy Nilles