So, you've watched the latest "Captain America: Civil War" trailer repeatedly, obsessing over the few seconds of Spider-Man that have been bestowed upon the world. You've analyzed every second of the trailer, going over it again and again to soak up every bit of goodness.

Did you see the part that foreshadows a major death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though?

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[Warning: From here on out, spoilers from the "Civil War" comics will be openly discussed. While they may or may not be relevant to "Captain America: Civil War," you should probably stop reading now if you want to go in cold.]

Early on in the trailer, a shot of Captain America (Chris Evans) is quickly followed by a shortened version of the Marvel Studios animated logo.

'Captain america: Civil War'

While that may seen like business as usual, pay close attention to the first image to appear after Captain America. It's a bullet flying across the screen. Yeah, and? What does that have to do with Cap, you might ask?

In the conclusion of the "Civil War" comics, Captain America is shot to death by Crossbones and a brainwashed Sharon Carter -- both of whom appear in "Captain America: Civil War." While he didn't stay that way forever -- there's no way Captain America was going away permanently -- it was a major iconic moment in Marvel Comics history. It's also one fans have debated whether or not it would happen in "Captain America: Civil War."

While the movie is "Civil War" in name, it focuses on government oversight over the Avengers, as opposed to the comic's story of the Superhero Registration Act -- which wants registration and documentation of every superhero. It's been a popular opinion among fans who have read "Civil War," though, that not including the death of Cap would be a disservice to the story.

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After all, the final panel from the comics has stood the test of time as one of the most memorable single images in comics. It also, from a storytelling standpoint, helped to mend the two sides after those for and against the Superhero Registration Act spend too much time fighting each other, rather than true evil.

'Marvel Civil War'

Will it make its way into the movie, though? If the quick clip from the trailer is any indication, Marvel's use of imagery certainly seems to indicate as much. It's such a simple and quick moment, but one that stands out as incredibly strong once you notice it.  Especially when you look at the previous "Civil War" trailer and realize it didn't use that shortened version of the animated logo.

'Captain america: Civil War'

The bullet is included, but as part of a larger animated sequence.

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Perhaps this shortened version was used for timing purposes. Anything is possible, but with Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) and Crossbones (Frank Grillo) playing signigicant roles in the movie, it's hard to overlook details that are so blatant.

Besides, what better way to end a movie that will eventually lead into "Avengers: Infinity War" than with the death of the leader of the Avengers himself? It's not like it's going to last forever -- comic book deaths rarely due -- but nothing brings a group back together like a death in the family.

"Captain America: Civil War" hits theaters on Friday, May 6.

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