cobie smulders delivery man thanksgiving Cobie Smulders talks 'Delivery Man,' losing Thanksgiving charades to Taran Killam

When Cobie Smulders isn’t preparing for her wedding on “How I Met Your Mother,” she’ll be invading movie theaters near you in the new Vince Vaughn comedy “Delivery Man.” As the girlfriend of Vaughn’s David Wozniak, Smulders’ Emma is a strong New York cop who needs to determine if the man she’s with is someone she can depend on for the long run.

Zap2it had the chance to sit down with Smulders and talk about the personal experience that helped her bring Emma to life, as well as to talk about what Thanksgiving is like with husband Taran Killam and daughter Shaelyn. Read Smulders’ thoughts about “How I Met Your Mother’s” final season and an “Agents of SHIELD” return here.

Zap2it: What was it about “Delivery Man” that made you decide this is a film project you wanted to commit to?
Cobie Smulders: I saw the original, “Starbuck,” and I really liked it. I thought it was really sweet, very heartfelt and I really just loved the story. And then I was interested that Ken Scott, who also directed that, is also going to be directing “Delivery Man.” It’s like a culmination of events, but then Vince Vaughn was doing it and I could just visualize him in this role. And so I really liked it.

A lot of times projects come up and it’s like, “Yeah, I can’t make that work,” because of the TV schedule, but this one it just worked out like perfect. I feel like when projects are supposed to happen everything is just easy, and this one was just super easy. Doing the scenes with Vince were just so fun, and it was an interesting character. It was really fun to play a New York cop.

What was that like?
It’s funny, I met this guy who I actually met on the “Avengers” tour. He was like security, but he’s also a police officer — he’s a detective, actually — and he gave me his card, and he was like [in a New York accent], “Hey listen, if you’re ever in town and you ever need anything, just give me a call.” And I was like, “Okay, I’m going to take you up on that. Like, for sure. If something happens to me in New York, you’re my first call.”

So I emailed him or I called him or whatever and he let me come down to the precinct — he works at the 34th St Precinct — and took me around and answered my questions and then he introduced me to a female officer and I sort of asked her about what was it like to be a female in this career. She had a son, and she sort of told me about it. 

When you have a kid and she was a single mom, it’s like if you have a partner — if you have a partner — you need that partner to have more stability. It was interesting then going into this movie, and my character’s concern is she’s with this man who’s super unreliable and that just won’t work for her life.

With this movie coming out around Thanksgiving, I’m curious: What’s Thanksgiving like in the Smulders household?
It’s big. We usually have about 40 people over at our house. We have a lot of Canadians, because Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. We do it mainly because I’m working when it’s Thanksgiving in Canada. I would love to go back for that, but I’m just never free. But yeah, we usually get a lot of Canadian orphans, and all of my husband’s family is here, so they all come over and we do a huge dinner. We put a tent up in the backyard and we play bingo and running charades.

Who is the person who always ends up winning charades?
My husband.

I guess that makes sense.
He’s insane at that game. I’m pretty good, but not as good as he is.

What’s a dish that you’ll always see on the table?
Truffled mac and cheese. That might be more important than the turkey in my personal opinion.

Do you go full on truffle? No truffle oil?
Yeah, you’re saying this like I actually make this food. It’s catered. It’s very much catered. I learned that when I had my kid. I was like, I’m not doing this anymore. It’s too much. And we kept growing. We’ve been hosting for like, I don’t know, seven or eight years now. Initially it was like, you bring the green bean casserole, you’re going to bring the mashed potatoes, and we would like delegate. It just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and I was like I’m in the kitchen the whole night. I’m not down with this anymore, and then I had a kid and I was like, I’m definitely not down with this. So we bring in our friends who they have a catering company and they cook for us.

That sounds amazing.
It’s the best. It’s a good holiday.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz