By now everyone knows that Alden Ehrenreich is the young Han Solo for the upcoing standalone “Star Wars” film. But did you know that many other famous people auditioned for the part?

On Saturday’s (July 23) “Conan,” the late-night host, who is broadcasting from San Diego Comic-Con this week, revealed some never-before-seen clips of these auditions.

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Will Arnett does his in his best Batman voice; Melissa McCarthy does hers in an amazingly awful wig and confuses “Star Wars” with “Harry Potter”, then later she has a fit and rips the set apart; Thomas Middleditch has a neurotic meltdown; Bill Hader does a young Jabba the Hut that’s quite impressive and also keeps screaming, “NO NOTES!”; and Jeff Goldblum is just … Jeff Goldblum.

But the two best are “Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani and Jodie Foster.

Nanjiani says in his audition, “So is this like a big spoiler, like when Han Solo was young he was Pakistani? Because I’m Pakistani. I will say if you don’t cast me in this you’re racist.”

And when Foster is asked her name, she responds, her face completely deadpan, with, “Really? I’m Jodie fucking Foster.”


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