“Creed,” the new entry in the “Rocky” franchise, happens to have the same name as a band. And that coincidence led Funny or Die to tap Scott Stapp, the lead singer from Creed, to do a review of the movie.

Of course, the musician plays along with the conceit of the video, insisting that the film is actually about his band, finding fault with how the film cast Michael B. Jordan to play him since they don’t look much alike, and emphasizing that his band never met or was trained by Rocky Balboa. “There wasn’t much that resembled Creed the band,” Stapp says, noting he’s not a boxer. “One time I punched a guy from 311.”

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Probably the best part of the video are the references to the music of Creed, which was everywhere in the early 2000s. “Spoiler alert: There are no epic guitar solos on a mountaintop, and at no point does Creed sing on a steep cliff,” Stapp complains, referencing the “One Last Breath” music video.

And he reviews films on a five-“Arms Wide Open” scale — “Creed” manages to get four out of five, so, not bad.

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Hopefully that promise to reunite Funny or Die with Stapp to review the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” with Michael Fassbender comes true, so there’s more “Can You Take Me To the Movies” in the future.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins