Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Just when you thought “Deadpool” couldn’t get any dirtier, the news that a director’s cut of the film will be released later this year is announced.

At a fan convention in London on Thursday (Jan. 28), T.J. Miller revealed that an “even more raw” version of the already raunchy film is planned for release in 2016.

After seeing the trailer and hearing the reviews of “Deadpool,” it’s hard to imagine what could have been cut that would make the film any more vulgar than it already is. Violence, nudity and profanity are already abundant enough to have raised a few eyebrows.

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The theatrical release of the film is rated R in the United States, and 15 in the United Kingdom, but this new cut will likely be unrated with good reason. Fans will likely flock to this new version in the same way they have rallied around the upcoming release, since much of the appeal of the “Deadpool” character is his raunchy wit and tendency to color outside the lines.

News of the director’s cut comes on the heels of the announcement that “Deadpool’s” release was banned in China because the censors could not find a way to make the movie appropriate for their ratings system.

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Ryan Reynolds commented on the China matter for the first time on Saturday (Jan. 30), when he appeared on “The Graham Norton Show.” “It’s rated R, which is unusual for a Marvel, ‘X-Men’-type movie. I think it’s Certificate 15 here in the U.K., and in China, it’s rated ‘Go f*** yourself,’” says Reynolds.

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