For the past two weeks, Ryan Reynolds has been delivering daily goodies on Twitter as part of his 12 days of “Deadpool.” The point of all this was to lead up to the release of a new trailer for the comic-book movie on Christmas day.

Well things don’t always go according to plans as on the 11th day (Dec. 24), the Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, railroaded Reynolds’ plans and stepping in to give the Merc with a Mouth the finger.

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Was this all part of the promotional plan? Probably. But Jackman posting the new trailer one day early, with an image of his X-Men alter-ego giving Wade here the finger … well, Mr. Reynolds put it best in his social media reply:

If ever there was a time to continue speculating on those Wolverine cameos, it would probably be now. Will Jackman be appearing in “Deadpool?” That would surely be a Christmas — in February — miracle!

Get those chimichangas ready as “Deadpool” will hit theaters everywhere on Feb. 12.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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