deadpool theater 20th century fox Deadpools dirty humor broke more than one box office record

To absolutely no one’s surprise, “Deadpool” has taken the box office by storm in its first weekend, breaking multiple records and setting itself up to become Marvel’s — technically, 20th Century Fox — first major success of 2016.

Early estimates put “Deadpool” box office opening at $130 million so far, a number that’s expected to rise to $150 million by the end of the four-day weekend. These numbers set the new record for an R-rated release, blowing the previous record-holder, “The Matrix Reloaded” ($91.8 million), out of the water.

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The gritty action film also beat out “Fifty Shades of Grey” ($93 million) for the record of biggest February release and biggest President’s Day four-day weekend release.

Producer Simon Kinberg told USA Today that to celebrate the success, he sent the cast boxed white  wine in lieu of champagne. “It’s more in keeping with Deadpool, who is not going to drink champagne, so we had (terrible) boxed wine sent to these guys for the weekend. It was either that or wine coolers. Keeping it classy.”

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“Deadpool” raked in an additional $125 million overseas, bringing their total so far up to $260 million.

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