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Are you ready for even more of the “merc with a mouth”? Even though “Deadpool” won’t hit theaters until Friday (Feb. 12), 20th Century Fox has apparently already given a greenlight to a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers of the first movie’s screenplay, have already started writing the sequel script, and though he hasn’t officially signed on yet, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller has been tapped to direct the second film.

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The studio’s faith in the franchise is not surprising, seeing as almost every new marketing video for the film has gone viral and fan reaction has been exuberant since the first teaser trailer hit San Diego Comic Con in 2014.

Even with the loss of the China market, the film is expected to open to more than $70 million in its opening weekend domestically.

After so many years of trying to get this movie made, this must feel like a real victory to Ryan Reynolds. “I never thought it would come to fruition, it’s been an uphill battle but there was such an appetite for that character on screen… I waited 10 years to make this movie,” Reynolds tells MSN.

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“Deadpool” premieres Friday (Feb. 12).

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