After the “Beauty and the Beast” live action trailer rocked the Internet with a record breaking 91.8 million views in the first 24 hours, it didn’t take long for Disney to start making rumblings about their next potential remake: “The Little Mermaid.”

While Ariel and all her fishy friends will make an epic live action movie — with a hell of a lot of CGI — we couldn’t help but wonder if there are other beloved Disney tales that should be considered too.

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These are our top five choices for Disney animated movies that should be given the live action treatment next.


giphy1 Which Disney movie should get the live action treatment next?

While this movie presents a possible diversity pitfall if the casting department chooses to make the same mistakes “Exodus” and “Gods of Egypt” did, “Aladdin” is still one of the greatest Disney films ever made. Magic, princesses, flying carpets and monkeys are pretty much all you need to make a blockbuster. Without Robin Williams as Genie, it might not feel the same, but we’d still spend way too much money on a 3D ticket for this remake.

‘The Lion King’

giphy 1 Which Disney movie should get the live action treatment next?

Unless they go full on Broadway with this live action version, we might be looking at an even bigger CGI mess than “The Little Mermaid” with this one. Regardless, “The Lion King” has some of the greatest music in Disney history, and a whole new generation of audiences deserve to be emotionally traumatized by Mufasa’s death. Bonus points if Jeremy Irons reprises his role as Scar.



We’ve already got a few dream casting options ready to go for this movie, so at this point it better only be a matter of time until we see a live action version of “Mulan.” Of all the Disney movie options, this one has the fewest fantastical elements to incorporate, making it an easy adaptation and a good nominee.


giphy 2 Which Disney movie should get the live action treatment next?

This one seems like a gimme, considering the wild success “Frozen” had in theaters and on DVD and Blu-ray. Maybe it’s too recent to consider getting the live action treatment — they’ve still got a sequel in the works and a Broadway play too — but if there was ever another guaranteed box office success, it’s “Frozen.”



After “Once Upon a Time” butchered Greek mythology — not to mention Hercules and Meg’s love story — we’d be willing to give this underdog a shot at a live action title. Plus, that Greek gospel choir chorus had some seriously catchy tunes that would be epic to see in real life.

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