django unchained china weinstein 'Django Unchained' gets May release date in China after additional cuts

Quentin Tarantino‘s “Django Unchained” was pulled from theaters in China for unexplained reasons on April 11, the film’s opening day. Now Reuters reports the slavery revenge western, starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a second shot release after additional cuts were made to the film.
There is no movie rating system in China. Instead, all films must be deemed appropriate for children. Extreme violence, nudity and politically sensitive issues must be edited out of all movies before Chinese authorities will approve their release. 
It was rumored some nudity in “Django” got by the censors, and had to be edited out. Others reported the film was pulled due to “technical issues” with the film.
“We are delighted that audiences throughout China will be able to experience ‘Django Unchained’ beginning Sunday, May 12th. There is tremendous excitement, anticipation and awareness for the film and we thank the local authorities for quickly resolving this issue,” says distributor Columbia Pictures in a statement.
The studio declined to say what additional changes were made for the revised release.
“Django Unchained” will be Tarantino’s first release in China, the biggest international market for films produced in the United States. The film made its U.S. debut Dec. 25, 2012. To date, “Django” has grossed nearly $164 million domestically.
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